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About Us

The bond you have for your furry or feathered friend is unique. There are so many things to love about sharing your life with a pet! You may like brushing your small animal's soft coat and enjoying its cuddly personality. Or you might be fond of listening to your pet bird's soothing song or laughing at its silly tricks. Our goal at Super Pet is to provide you with quality small animal products, pet bird products and good advice that will enhance your relationship with your pet.

It's simple. We love pets! This passion inspires us to help you provide the best care for your smallest family member. You can choose from small animal habitats like CritterTrail or Habitat Defined. If birds excite you then consider EZ Care cages. Encourage healthy activity with accessories such as exercise balls and wheels and pet bird toys. And if you did not know Super Pet offers replacement parts for all habitats.

Girl and Hamster
To experience a lasting bond with your pet, you need more than quality products. You need helpful hints. You need solid advice. We're proud to be able to help. To make your home happy for you and your pet, check out these guides for selecting the right pet bird or selecting the right small animal.

For more than 20 years, we've been committed to providing solutions to your pet care needs. If the experts at Super Pet can help in any way, please contact us.