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Beat the Heat

Jul 22, 2010

It’s summertime, which means hot sun and rising temperatures for many areas. While many of us know the importance of keeping ourselves cool in the heat, now is the perfect time to talk about keeping our pets cool and healthy in hot weather.

Unlike humans, many pets do not have the ability to sweat. This is one of our body’s natural ways of cooling down. So how do we keep our pets cool in hot temperatures? Many of the same rules apply for pets that do for humans. Prolonged exposure to heat and sun can be detrimental to overall health. Animals need shade to keep cool. If outdoors, keep your pet in an area where they can get plenty of shade. Same goes for indoor pets. Do not place your pet’s cage in direct sunlight.

Water is also a key element to keeping your pet cool. Pets need access to a fresh, cool water supply throughout the day. Change your pet’s water or add ice cubes to keep it cool. Try using ceramic or plastic water bottles and food dishes instead of metal products which absorb heat in sunlight.

Some animals, such as chinchillas, can suffer from heat stroke if temperatures are above 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Stone tablets or products maintain a temperature below room temperature and can be chilled and placed inside your pet’s cage if temperatures rise.

Of course air conditioning or fans are always additional options for beating the heat.