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Rat Rescue Needs Help!

Mar 29, 2010

Maria Pandolfi has officially announced a Rat Chick Emergency Situation.  The founder and director of the Rat Chick rescue and Advocacy Group has announced the arrival of over 50 rats to the Philadelphia based Rat Rescue.  Just this week 56 rats were rescued from two seperte snake food breeders.  One of the breeders was even going to freeze any rats that they could not sell by the end of this weekend, according to Maria.  The Rat Chick Rescue took every rat these breeders had in an effort to put them out of the rat breeding business!

While the resuce itself was a success, the sudden influx of rats has left the rescue overwhelmed.  Immediate foster homes and forever homes are needed to care for these lucky rescues.  A larger number of young female and male rats are available in various colors including black, hooded, brown, beige, blue and white.  Expectant mother rats are also available.

Rats often get a bad reputation, but in fact make excellent pets.  They are intelligent, affectionate, and clean animals.  You can even teach rats to do tricks!

If anyone is interested in fostering or owing thier own pet rat be sure to contact Maria at 215-917-4261. Donations are welcome!