A Day In the Life…

Hi! My name is Lucy. I am a Syrian hamster and I live at the Super Pet Office. I have been a pet at the office for a while now. I am not exactly sure how old I am, but I hear the human people say I am over a year old in people years, which apparently means I am starting to get old in hamster years.

My days here are pretty nice. Lately I have a pretty solid routine down. Most days go a little something like this:

7:25-7:35:  My owner gets to work and usually gives me a treat. My favorite are pumpkin seeds. I am normally sleeping so she has to tap on the top of my igloo hideout to let me know its time for a treat.

7:35-9:00am: Sleep

9:00-9:10am: Move around some of the chews and toys I have hidden in my igloo

9:10am-1:–: Sleep

1:00-1:30: Exercise Time! I get to go in my Run About Ball and visit everyone in the office! I am a little sleepy at first, but I love exploring!

1:30-1:45: Water and Bathroom Break

1:45-3:00pm: Naptime!

3:00-4:00pm:  Time to take a drink of water and search for any new food in the cage. Sometimes my owner puts funny looking things in my cage. I am not always sure what they are, but I sure do love to chew them up!

4:00pm-7:30am: Party Time! My owner leaves and boy do we hamsters know how to have a good time. Thats all I have to say about that ;-)

Ill write more later….time for a nap!

Helping out the Super Pet Employees

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