Love is in the Air!

Valentine’s Day is here, and it’s time for all you lovebirds out there to show your affection for one another!! And when I say lovebirds, I’m talking about the actual birds!

The term ‘lovebirds’ has long been used to described couples in love. Those lovey-dovey people you see holding hands and exchanging kisses are actually not that different from the the actual lovebird.

The term lovebird consits of 9 species of birds in the genus Agapornis. Almost all species of lovebirds originate from the African contintent, while one lone species is from Madagascar. In the wild, lovebirds live in small flocks. Within their flocks, they bond with one particuar mate, their mate for life. Unlike many animals, these mates stay monogamous and it is very different to get a lovebird to change it’s loyalty to another bird. Bonded mates are easy to spot, simply because of the amount of time they spend next to eachother.  The paris will groom and feed eachother, and spend much time chattering with one another. They are extremely loyal and affectionate which is how they earned the name “lovebird.”Lovebirds also make great pets, and can also form very strong bonds with their owners. They are pretty to look at and extremely social animals.

So when you lovebirds are celebrating Valentine’s Day, take a second to appreciate the lovebird that gave you the nickname!

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