Happy New Year!

Ahhh the New Year’s Resolution.

As December comes to an end, it is once again that time of year when we start to reflect on the past year’s accomplishments. Inevitably this includes compiling a laundry list of things we vow to do next year that we failed to complete this year.  I admit I am one of the people create the list every year like clockwork, only to have half of it fall through the cracks come January. As I half heartedly began to put my list together this past week, my attention shifted to the animals in my life. What if our pets came up with New Year’s resolutions? What kinds of things would they want to accomplish? Instead of taking that cooking class or running that marathon, I am willing to be their goals would be much simpler and more attainable.

Maybe we can take a lesson from our furry friends as we look at their would-be resolutions for 2012.

Cocoa Puff the Rabbit: Eat More Broccoli! Chew More Boxes in My Owner’s Office

Popcorn the Hamster: Spend More time in the Run-About Ball; Finally finish chewing up my hideout; Get a new hideout to chew, fit as much food as possible in my cheeks!

Stinky the Cat: Sleep more, make the humans do what I want, find ways to get more catnip

Ozzie the Dog: Chew that annoying squaker thing out of EVERY toy I get!! Spend more time with my people!! Get more treats from my people!!

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3 Responses to Happy New Year!

  1. cheaks the hampster says:

    eat corn,chew my run about ball, and steal my brother(my evil twin)puffs chewi icecreamcone

  2. cheaks the hampster says:

    steal my evil twin brother puffs chew cone

  3. puffs the hampster says:

    i will guard my chew cone with my life

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