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Year of the Rabbit

For those of us who do not follow the Lunar Calendar, today may be just another day. However to the millions of Chinese that do, today marks the Chinese Lunar New Year. We have now left the year of the Tiger behind us and entered into the year of the Rabbit. According to tradition, the year of the Rabbit brings a certain calm and ease with it. A year of recuperation and relaxation after the brutal year of the tiger. It is a time of celebration filled with festivals, parades and spending time with family.

Whether you celebrate Chinese New Year or not, it is a great time to celebrate the Rabbit. Rabbits are extremely intelligent creatures that make excellent pets and companions. Here at Super Pet we are proudly celebrating 2011 as the Year of the Pet Rabbit!

Be sure to check out our Blog, Facebook Page, and Website for Rabbit tips, products, and information. So if you have a pet rabbit, its time to Celebrate!! If not, maybe this is the year for adding one of these personality-filled critters to your home!

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A Day In the Life…

Hi! My name is Lucy. I am a Syrian hamster and I live at the Super Pet Office. I have been a pet at the office for a while now. I am not exactly sure how old I am, but I hear the human people say I am over a year old in people years, which apparently means I am starting to get old in hamster years.

My days here are pretty nice. Lately I have a pretty solid routine down. Most days go a little something like this:

7:25-7:35:  My owner gets to work and usually gives me a treat. My favorite are pumpkin seeds. I am normally sleeping so she has to tap on the top of my igloo hideout to let me know its time for a treat.

7:35-9:00am: Sleep

9:00-9:10am: Move around some of the chews and toys I have hidden in my igloo

9:10am-1:–: Sleep

1:00-1:30: Exercise Time! I get to go in my Run About Ball and visit everyone in the office! I am a little sleepy at first, but I love exploring!

1:30-1:45: Water and Bathroom Break

1:45-3:00pm: Naptime!

3:00-4:00pm:  Time to take a drink of water and search for any new food in the cage. Sometimes my owner puts funny looking things in my cage. I am not always sure what they are, but I sure do love to chew them up!

4:00pm-7:30am: Party Time! My owner leaves and boy do we hamsters know how to have a good time. Thats all I have to say about that ;-)

Ill write more later….time for a nap!

Helping out the Super Pet Employees

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Meet Cocoa Puff

Meet Cocoa Puff!

Cocoa Puff is the newest member of the Super Pet family. She recently joined us after we rescued her from Cat Nap from the Heart, a Chicago area shelter that houses several cats, rabbits, hamsters, birds and other small animals. Cocoa Puff is a female Lionhead rabbit. Lionhead rabbits can be recognized by the long fur that surrounds their face, similar to the mane of a male lion.

Cocoa is still getting used to her new home, and lives right here in our office. She loves to hop around and explore her new world. She also loves munching on timothy hay and fresh veggies, especially broccoli. She is currently living in a Super Pet My First Home and likes playing with her Vegetable Garden Chew Mobile.

While we are unsure exactly where she came from, we are excited to accept Cocoa Puff as a member of our family. She joins the ranks of several hamsters, gerbils, chinchillas and birds that have also made their home here at Super Pet. We hope she will be very happy here.

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