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Vday 4

I Love My Pet Because.......Vday 4

Here are some real answers from pet owners

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  • I love my pet because he gives me someone to care for and make me feel like I have accomplised something by raising and caring for a rabbit all by myself.  
  • I Love my gerbils because whenever I look at them, they make me smile because they are so cute and are usually doing something adorable or funny.  Also, I love them becaus eI love spoiling them with little treats and new houses and seeing how they like it!
  • My little guinea pig Ezmay means the world to me because if I had a bad day at school or anything like that, her sweet purrs and beloved squeaks cheer me up right from the moment I step into my room. Yes, she may have been a pet store guinea pig, but I could have chosen a better piggie even if I tried!  
  • I love my hamster Eclipse. He's special because I adopted him from a shelter. Now he has a loving home. He's a sweet little boy that loves for me to hold him and give him lots of attention.
  • I love my rats (Lily, Lola and Lucy), my Holland lop bunny (Riley), and my hamster (Abby) because they are always there for me, and never let me down. They always listen to what I say, and best of all they will never repeat any secrets I tell them :-)      
  • I love my guinea pig Gilbert because he is very smart, plays piano, and always greets me with a happy squeek every morning!
  • I love my pet cockatiel Tweety because he is very playful and lvoes to come out and play with me. I think that my bird is special because he cares about me because when he sees that  I am sad or feeling down he will come and make kissing noises and sing to me when he feels that I need a little love.    
  • I loveee my pet because she has such a funky personality. No matter what she does I always have to forgive that face! The best thing I like about having her is when she sleeps on my hand. It makes me feel like she trusts me and loves me a lot (: She is just too adorable.  
  • I love my guinea pigs because I have been through a lot of things this middle school year & I know EVERYDAY that I could come home bawling my eyes out , knowing they will be there to put a smile on my face with their wheeks and popcorns (: At least I can make 2 friends happy (: I lvoe my rabbits because when I'm living with my dad adn 2 brothers, they are the only girls I can turn to, since obciously no one there will ever understand me!
  • I have more than one pet and I lvoe them all an equal amount, as I don't choose favorites. However, they are all special to me and I love them because they keep me company. I never feel alone (even in an empty house) and they have their own special personalities, which comfort me at the end of a long day.
  • I love my pet Rooney because he has been with me for so long (7 years!) and all the way he has been so good. He is always there when you go to see him and he cheers you up when you are sad, Thanks Rooney :-)
  • I love my hamsters because on a sad day they don't judge me for not looking the best, and are always happy to see me.
  • A Song:
        Why I Love My Pet
        Why Why Why Why,
        It's cute,
        It's soft,
        It's loving,
        It's my little ball
        It's my soft, cute,
        little loving ball
  • I love Poppy because the 4 years I've had her she has always been there if I need a bunny cuddle :) She's very loving and very happy and I'm going to bring her inside for a bit^^I've already got her a Valentine's present ;)
  • I love all of my pets because they mean the world to me, and I knnow that they would do anything for me if they can. I also know they love me, an dwhen I was sick all week, they were the first ones around to support me!
  • I love my dwarf hamster Sherman because he tickles my nose with his whiskars, he licks spilled sugar off of the table like a really cute vaccuum cleaner and he is always happy to see me in the morning!
  • I love my guinea pig, Piggie, because if the world makes me feel like crying she always makes me smile. She has such a deep voice compared to my other two guinea pigs and she just cracks me up!
  • I love my rabbit Bacardi. He's the most awesome rabbit in the world. He's cute and fluffy and when you look at him you just want to smile. I have put his picture up on my screen saver at work and when I am having a bad day...I simply hit my 'show desk top' button on my computer and....wala....there he is. It calms me and my day instantly gets better.
  • In fact, my pets! I have small animals and I am very proud of it, 2 gerbils, 2 hamsters (soon I'm going to be a grandma), a guinea pig and a chinchilla. And why I love them? Because they love me no matter what, they dont expect anything from me but love them too, and that's something you can't afford with no gold, theres no price for a 2 hour nap with my guinea pig and then she waking me to to take her to...pee:3
  • I could go on and on for a long time on why I love my hamster, Dewey. Whenever I walk past his cage, he pokes his little head out of nest and stares at me, as if asking me to take him out to play. When I hold him, he likes to sit calmly in my hand while I pet his head, and hell look at me and blink and its the cutest thing in the world, Whenever I fill his food bowl, he takes every last bit of it and hides it in his tissue box house, like he's tricking me into adding more food to his bowl! When I don't have tiem to play with him, I'll just set him down on the floor in my room and let him free roam the bedroom, because if I sit down and call his name he'll coem out from wherever he's hiding to get a treat from me. Dewwey is my friend, I love him so much. I can tell him things that I need to get off my chest because I know he can't tell anyone! Just having him around puts me in a good mood.
  • I love my pet guinea pig Peanut because he loves to cuddle by my neck and if I had a bad day at school he always makes me smile and laugh when he popcorns. Love you peanut <3
  • I love my pet because...I had to beg my mom and I feel accomplished for getting him. He is super sweet, never bit anyone. He's adorable and puts up with a lot. And when he sees me he will just stare at me with his cute little eyes. He's well trained, super smart. He knows what to do when he's hungry and when he's thirsty and when he wants out of his cage. He doesn't have a weel though, so we let him out every other night or so to run in his ball but its getting worn out, I believe he is well deserving in ANY gift I could get him. (:
  • I love all my pets because they love me, they're the reason I am happy. Their constant love keeps me going, they are so rewarding and beautiful. My pets are mroe than just animals to me they are my life. I love them more than anything in this world. I have 9 beautiful pets who all mean so much to me. So that SuperPet is why I love my pets.
  • I love my boys Hermies (my hairless rat) and Teddy Bear (Japanese bobtail cat). I adopted both and they have been there through thick and thin with me. I could not ask for 2 better boys in my life, they are always happy to see me and always thre for me. I have to say I love them with all my heart.
  • My pets mean the world to me. When I am feeling down they are always there to comfort me and make me feel better. I have no favorites because they all are so amazing in their special ways. I love to spoil them with lots of presents, and they always repay me with love and loyalty. I love my pets sooo much, I could go on forever.
  • I keep several hamsters as pets because I really enjoy them and have kept them since I was 12. But since I am not a child, I asked my daughter why she likes them. She is three and absolutely adores them. When I asked her why she likes them, she stated, "Because I Like them. They are so sweet and soft."
  • We love our hamster, Cinderella, because she is an engaging and energetic pet that helps teach our children responsibility. The fact that her personality is so strange and unique also helps her fit into our household perfectly, making her a beloved member!
  • My pet is special because I got her the day that I went to a live concert. I love my Hamster because she goes to sleep in my hand and she is so small.
  • I love my hamster because she goes to sleep in my hand. She is special because she is a Winter White Dwarf Hamster.
  • I love my dog because she is so smart. She is special because she has been my dog for a long time.
  • I love my pets because when I got home from school they act like I've been gone a week, even when its only been a day.  They love you no matter what you look like, and most of all they are there for you when nobody else is.
  • Why I love my pet? There's so many reasons in the world why I love my Bo-Bo. I've had him for 2 years now, and he was my frist pet I've ever had. I love Bo-Bo because of the way Bo-Bo looksup at me and smiles while I give him a bath. I love the way Bo-Bo squeaks whenever I open the fridge. I love Bo-Bo because of the days when I'm upset and I need someone to cuddle up with. I always have him there for me, I lov when I carry Bo-Bo he always scurrys up to my right shoulder. I love Bo-Bo <3
  • I love Chloe because she loves each and every thing, even our cats who want to eat her.
  • I love my bunny "Cookie" because she is never mean like some kids at school. She always loves me back and is my best friend.
  • I love my guinea pig Cocoa because when I have a bad day she always makes me smile!! She is always my best friend.
  • My pet is very special to me because she always is there for me when I need her. I love her for her sweet little ball of kindness.
  • I love my hamster because she is very loving and never has bitten me. She is special because she is a Winter White Hamster.
  • The pet I love is Jabba. Jabba is a hamster. I got him in Florida, in November when it was Thanksgiving time. Why I love Jabba is because he has little gray wings, soft, playful and cuddly and he has perky ears. Why jabba is special is becaus he is big and fat and so sweet.
  • I love my Robovorski hamsters (I have 2) because they are so sweet, funny, and loveable! I have 2 dogs and a couple cats, but since I have got these hamster my life has changed and I am very happy now. I am more happy than I have been for a long time. I waited forever for my mom and dad to say yes to a hamster. Now my mom loves them a ton. People look at them and say they are just rats, but they are not. If people just would give them a chance they would see how wonderful and sweet they are. To me they are so beautiful just like all other critters are.
  • My pets give my students happiness, teaches them about responsibility, and unconditional love. My pets are well loved by everyone because they are adorable, cute and entertaining as they run through their new Crittertrail Cage and Tunnels.
  • I love my pet dog Cooper because he is always there for me wagging his tail no matter what kind of day I have had. He is so very special because it's like he knows me so well and always knows when I need a big slobbery lick on the face or for him to just sit in my lap and let me pet him.....he is the best pet ever and I love him with all my heart.
  • When I got my pet rat, Rocky, she had bad teeth so I took her to the dentist and they pulled them out for me. She is my favorite pet because I had to take care of her when she was very sick.
  • I love creem puff and she loves me!! She will always be in my heart. She makes my day as bright as the sun. She is sooooooo cute when she is sleeping it makes me want to cry. It is cute when she burrows in her bedding!!!!! She is the best pet u can ever have!
  • I love my rabbits Oreo and Austin because they are my fluffy babies. They are so sweet and I give them treats. THey love to play in the summer sun and just have fun. Sometimes they just lay with me to watch tv. That's why I love my 2 rabbits Oreo and Austin.
  • Hello, I lvoe my hamster Sundance because I deal with depression and sometimes meds can't do much. When I have a bad day at school the minute I walk into my room my hamster is there at the edge of his tank waiting to greet me. I love him because the is cuddly, cute and he chases away the dark storm cloud above my head. I can't imagine life without him. He's not my only pet, but he's my greatest friend in the whole wide world and thats why I love my hamster Sundance.
  • I love my guinea pig Trixie because she gives me something to smile about every day. From her squeals in the morning for her tomatoes, to when she flips her house for attention. She is so good when the baby holds her too...
  • There are so many reasons I love my pet, I can't even explain it in a paragraph! My little hamster always pops her head out and chatters at me when she wants to play, she waits at the bars of her cage for her special treat every night. Whenever I need soemone to play with or to get something off my chest, I always will tell her everything. OH! And I love her so much, I've even bought her the CritterTrail Discovery with a ton of Super Pet add-ons. Now THAT's what I call love!
  • I love my pet hamster Ellie gave birth to 7 cute little babies, and they are the best hamsters in the whole wide world, and I'm blessed to have them. The feeling I get when I hold my cute little hamsters makes me never want to put them down. My hamsters are the best things that ever happened to me, and it might sound weird to anyone else but to know how it is to love a pet is indescribable, and there isn't anything I wouldn't do for them to make them happy.
  • I love my pet because...I love my hamster Weeble. I may not have a fancy speech or nothing like that about why my pet is awesome, but I do have love in my heart for her. She is kinda sick right now and hasn't been eating her food, but I'm still trying to make her feel better and do the best I can to make her happy, because I couldn't live without her, and will do anything for her, that's what real love is, and was hoping that my hammy could win so she can be happy again.
  • These are our cats, Charlie and Minou! We rescued Minou from a dumpster in Action, and Charlie has taken to her like she's his baby! He plays with her and cares for her like she was his best friend.
  • I love my dog and hamster because I know I will never be lonely with them there! I also love my pet's because they are so cute and playful.
  • My super pet is "Snickers", an 11-month old shihpoo who I adopted shortly after our local SPCA was shut down on account of a scandal-ridden ringworm outbreak. As the local (Newmarket) Animal Control cat/dog licensing officer, I felt it behooved me to step up and adopt a dog, when the municipality became overwhelmed with pets for whom no refuge could easily be found--adopting my new forever friend was the best decision of my life!
  • I love my hamster Squirrel because he loves to play jokes on me. He has learned to open his cage and will come sleep with me at night, or wait for me in the kitchen until I come home. He has a funny personality with a huge attitude and secretly loves attention, even if he is too cool for it.
  • I love my hamster Pumpkin. He is really smart kinda like a rat he sits on your shoulder and if I put him in my living room he will crawl all the way to my room and if the door is cloed he will put his paws on it like he's saying, "can you please open the door?" :). I love pumpkin so much he never bites, and always come sout to see if his food dish is full, hehe. I am happy I have pumpkin. I knew right away he would be mine when he came up to the class cage in hte pet store and stared at me! He always puts me in a happy mood when he's around! I love pumpkin and I hope he lives for a long time, I would never want to lose something as special as him! In fact for Valentine's Day I will make him something very special!
  • I love my dog Corey because he is just so cute!! Having been there for him since the second he was born and helping him survive against all odds deepend our bond. He is a great puppy who listens well and makes me so proud of his accomplishments.
  • 2 cats, 2 fish, 1 rabbit and a new puppy. Yes we love pets. Why? Who can hold a puppy and not smile? It is the same with all our animals. No matter your mood, they can make you smile, nothing else in the world can gurantee that.
  • I love my Biscuit because she has been so much company for me after my husband left. She really seems to know that I am her mommy and she was going to die when she was a puppy and I nursed her back to a healthy happy puppy. She sits on my lap even though she weighs 32 pounds. She loves it when I hug her.
  • I love my hamster, Oscar very much because he helps me with my anxiety and Aspergers Syndrome problems. When I am stressed out, he is always there for me to talk to and he doesnt make me feel sad. He's always there to give me a friendly smile or make me chuckle.
  • I love my pet guinea pigs because when I am having a bad day I know I will always have them to make me feel better about myself. They make me feel better about myself because I know I gave them all I could to ensure they have the best life a guinea pig could have <3
  • I love my pet guinea pig, Twitchy, becasue he's more than a pet, he's part of the family. He's special to me because he's unique, funny and super adorable all in his own guinea pig way, but mostly because he can put a smile on my face anyday.
  • My dog is really cute and she is comforting. I think my dog should win because every time she sees someone upset she goes over to them and gives them a big kiss, and she is always happy.
  • I think that my hamster should win because when you put your nose near him, he will but his nose forward and kiss you.
  • I have a 6 month old pup, his name is Darkness. He is such a goof ball and every time I come home from class he is always the first one to greet me. I have always wanted a dog of my own, after my family's dog had passed, I've been longing for something to fill up my heart again, 3 years later here I am and now I have what was needed to mend my heart. I'm very happy to have him and I will always have unconditional love for him because of him my days can only get brighter with the sight of his cute little face.
  • I love my hamster Henry because he completely trusts me, he sleeps in my lap all day and comes when called. He knows how to climb up the stairs on cue and everything he does is adorable. I love my lil henry even when he chews lil holes in my clothes, he makes me feel at peace.
  • My hamster's special because she defeated conjunctivitis after we took her to the vet multiple times. I love how she gets so excited to see me, and when I bring her treats. I love my girl, Kat!
  • I love my pet rabbit Noddy because he nearly died at two weeks but I hand reared him and he is a fearless monkey!! He runs up to the cage every morning to greet me and loves kisses and cuddles. He is very tiny compared to his brother and sister!
  • My pets are very special to me because they are cute, cuddly and very friendly. Even though my hamsters and my cat may bite, I still love them, I love my hamsters and cats and I try very hard to give them the best life they could want. By giving them an awesome home and I attempt to treat them when I can and it makes me happy. I very much enjoy spending time with my pets, I love them and I hope they love me.
I love my pet guine pig because of the sounds she makes. They either brighten my spirit on a bad day or make me giggle anyway!
I love my pet guine pig because of her fur. It's so fluffy and cuddly and makes you want to pet her. 
I love my pet guinea pig because of her personality! She squeaks when she craves a snack, and she purrs when something sooths her.
I love my pet guinea pig becasue she is sweet and cuddly and ALWAYS makes me laugh!
I love my pet guinea pig Macy.
  • I love my pet hamster Noodle because he is my first pet that I could actually hold and play with. He is so cute and such a good boy!!! I also love my fish Tina, She was my second fish, She is so energetic and beautiful and cute. My pets always make me happy. I love them so much!!!!!
  • I love my pet hamster, Cookie because she is my best friend and is always there for me. No matter what I will always love her and promise to take care of her in the best way possible.
  • I l-o-v-e my hammies! Their names are molly and emily! I begged my mom for one fro Christmas and I actually got Emily! She is the best present I could ever have had, and doesn't compare to all the iPods and laptops in the world. Sometimes she leaves me presents too though! (even some I may not like) She's the best! In January she had 7 babies, I kept one named Molly. I try to spoil them every day with treats and love. Last week, one of them was rolling in her ball in my kitchen while I was in the other room doing homework. Then my mom said, "Where's Emily?" and I went to go check and the ball was open and Emi was gone...I started to cry, then my mom said she snuck her past me when I wasn't looking to trick me...We laughed afterwards but that's when I realized I love them so much, that I cried. God bless all of the pets that have been abused, hurt, and may they find hope and loving families who have passion for them like I do with mine!!!
  • I love my hamsters because they are so cute. They always make my day. When I look at their faces I can never say no to them. Thats why they are spoiled :). My hamsters are special since they are my first real pets that I could be responsible for. I will always love them.
  • I love my guinea pig Mocha because eh is very sweet and I can talk to him about everything and don't have to worry about him making fun of me or commenting on everything I say. He is my world and I love him so very much.
  • My guiena pigs have a very special place set in my heart!! They are so beautiful to me and bring joy to everyone around with their high squeaks and lovely purrs that are just non-stop once you get them going!:) Happy Valentine's Day Super Pet!!!
  • I love my Bun Bun because she never fails to make my day. Her love makes me smile and her happiness, smarts, and her fun Bun loving self amazes me. I love you Bun Bun!