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Choosing the Right Bird

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With beauty only nature can create, a life expectancy that often extends far beyond our own, and the ability to communicate with us in our own language, it is no wonder that the companion bird is fast becoming “man’s best friend.”

Staring roles in movie blockbusters, television commercials, variety shows, and print campaigns ignite the “WOW FACTOR!” in all of us. Before you know it you are headed out to purchase a bird of your own.

Pet Birds make great companions for adults and kids. They keep us healthy, teach responsibility, and form bonds with us that are irreplaceable. It is important, however, to get the facts about pet birds. Selecting the bird that is right for you, requires a little bit of time and research.

Here are some sample questions you may want to ask yourself when researching what kind of bird is best for you:

How much do you want to spend for your new pet bird?

A Macaw can be very expensive while parakeets, finches and canaries are much more affordable.

How much noisy do you want your bird to be?

Some parrots can be very loud and this could present problems for apartment dwellers. But some can have a very low noise level. Finches and canaries in particular are more sedate and peaceful.

Are you looking for a personal companion or a family pet?

Some parrots prefer a single owner while others like to interact with many people and are more family oriented.

Do you want a lot of personal play time with your pet bird?

Many parrots like to be handles and cuddled while finches and canaries do not.

How much space do you have available for your bird?

Remember that you will need a cage for your new pet bird. Large birds need large cages and large cages can be costly. Think of all the things you will need to house your bird and be prepared for the expense you will incur.

Finally, are you looking for a lifelong commitment?

Remember many parrots will live for 50 years or more, while parakeets have a lifespan of about 8 years.

The bottom line is that birds make a wonderful, captivating, and interactive pet. Do you homework before you make your choice.