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African Grey

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You will always be entertained by your African Grey parrot. These stunning birds are handsome, gifted talkers, and very smart.

African Greys are friendly bird companions that often bond closely with their favorite person. They require basic bird care and as much of your attention as you can give. They are gentle, affectionate, and highly intelligent. African Greys, also known as Congo African Greys, love learning tricks and playing games.

What is really special about these birds is their ability to talk. The African Grey is definately the big mouth of the animal kingdom! Widely considered the smartest species of parrot, they are excellent at mimicry (copying what is being said) even changing accents for the person it mimics. African Greys not only mimic human speech but everyday household sounds too.

It is important to find a cage that is large enough for your African Grey to easily move around and play. Because they are so smart, they need stimulating toys or other accessories to keep them busy and engaged. In nature African Greys forage for food in the savannah, but are primarily found in the lowland forests. To simulate natural behavior and nutritional requirements, it's a good idea to have many locations for food, water, and treats within your bird’s home. Put multiple cups within the cage to encourage movement, as the bird explores the contents of each dish. Cage-top activity centers have food and treat cups. You can also hang treats from the activity bar atop the cage.

Perhaps the most researched and studied of all companion birds, the African Grey parrot is the most recognized and desired member of the parrot family. In the wild African Greys live in central West Africa. Large flocks congregate at roosting sites in very tall trees along the edge of the forest.

Your African Grey is likely to have dark grey to silver plumage with a striking red tail. They weigh from just less than a pound to one and a quarter pounds, and are roughly 13 inches long. They live from 50 to 75 years and are perfect for owners aged 14 and up.

Fun Fact: It is believed that an African Grey named “Alex” achieved the intelligence level of a 5-year-old child before his death in 2007.