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The Amazon Parrot is one of the most popular pets around the world. It is easy to see why! This companion bird loves people, talks up a storm, and is beautiful!

Both popular Amazon species—the double yellow-headed and the blue-fronted—are outgoing, playful, and require simple bird care. They are affectionate, smart, and make great pets if you like vocal birds.

Amazons are very good at mimicking speech (copying what is being said) and can have a large vocabulary. Although expressive and talkative, Amazons can display an independent social behavior, like a cat often does. An Amazon can become very attached to one person, wanting him/her to do the hands-on bonding, especially outside of its cage.

It is important to find a cage for your Amazon that allows for comfortable movement and play. Because they are very smat, they enjoy stimulating toys and other accessories. Your Amazon will appreciate nutritious pet bird food, and it may even beg for food and become the center of attention! To simulate natural behavior and nutritional requirements, it's good to have many locations for food, water, and treats. Put multiple cups within the cage to encourage movement, as the bird explores the contents of each dish. Cage-top activity centers have food and treat cups. You can also hang treats from the activity bar atop most cages.

In the wild, some species of Amazon Parrots forage in pairs or small flocks throughout the forested areas of Brazil, Bolivia, and Northern Argentina. While flying they are very vocal, screeching as they go.

Amazon Parrots are mostly green with vivid accent colors depending on the specific species. They weigh between three-quarters of a pound to nearly one pound and are roughly 14 and a half inches long. They live from 50 to 80 years and are perfect for owners aged 14 and up and experienced pet bird owners.

Fun Fact: Amazon Parrots enjoy performing entire songs and comedy routines for their human flock members!