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The Cockatiel is one of the most common companion birds and makes a great choice for a first-time bird owner.

Cockatiels are easy to care for, affectionate and tame. They get along with the whole family and are great around children. Like most pet birds they enjoy activity and exercise every day.

Some Cockatiels can mimic speech (copying what is being said), but they are better at mimicking whistling. These tame, easy-going birds may not be very talkative, but they can make a sharp call to get your attention.

It is important to provide your pet Cockatiel with a cage that is big enough for comfortable movement and activity. They enjoy bird toys and other accessories to prevent boredom and provide enrichment. Be sure to provide your Cockatiel with nutritious pet bird food. In the wild, Cockatiels forage for seeds on the ground and in shrubs. To simulate natural behavior and nutritional requirements, it's good to have many locations for food, water, and treats. Put multiple cups within the cage to encourage movement, as the bird explores the contents of each dish. Cage-top activity centers have food and treat cups. You can also hang treats from the activity bar atop the cage.

Cockatiels are native only to Australia where they spend much of their day climbing, flying, foraging, and interacting with other flock members. The young birds remain in family groups for about one month.

Cockatiels are found in a variety of colors depending on the species, but the wild color is usually gray. Weighing only approximately 3 ounces and being roughly 12 inches long, Cockatiels live from 15 to 20 years and are perfect for owners aged 8 and up.

Fun Fact: Cockatiels can learn to whistle entire songs—like the theme to “The Andy Griffith Show.”