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Parakeets, also known as “Budgerigars” or “Budgies,” are one of the most popular pet birds in the U.S. It’s easy to see why! They are curious, loving, and enjoy every member of the family.

Parakeets are easy to care for, and some can even learn to speak! However they are best known for being excellent whistlers. Parakeets are small parrots that are active and love daily time out of their cage to play with people. Affordable and loaded with personality, Parakeets are highly recommended for first-time bird owners. Male Parakeets—look for the dark blue or purple color of the cere (the area between the beak and the eyes)—may make better pets because they are often calmer than females.

It is important to provide your Parakeet with a cage that is large enough for your pet Parakeet move and play comfortably. When they're not singing and playing with you they'll enjoy toys and other

accessories. In nature, Parakeets eat mostly grass and seeds by foraging on the ground. Your Parakeet will appreciate nutritious pet bird food. To simulate natural behavior and nutritional requirements, it is a good idea to have many locations for food, water, and treats. Put multiple cups within the cage to encourage movement, as the bird explores the contents of each dish. Cage-top activity centers have food and treat cups. You can also hang treats from the activity bar atop the cage.

Parakeets are found throughout the interior of Australia and are naturally green and yellow. Some have been bred to produce other colors. A Parakeet only weighs roughly 2 ounces and is about 7 inches long. They live from 15 to 20 years and are perfect for owners aged 8 and up.

Fun Fact: Parakeets are one of the top five best talking birds in the world!