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Pet Bird FAQs

Companion birds can be very challenging and from time to time you may have some problems that need to be solved or questions that need answers. Our experts at Super Pet will be glad to assist you in any way we can to make small pet ownership as simple as possible. Here are some questions that are often asked by our loyal pet owners.

What kind of coating is used on the wire panels of my EZ Care Home?

The EZ Care Homes have a durable powder coated finish that is safe for pet birds. This type of finish will resist cracking and peeling and is easy to clean.

What are the dangerous foods that should be avoided for my pet bird?

The following items are considered to be very dangerous for pet birds: Avoid chocolate, avocados, mushrooms, fruit seeds, alcohol, and caffeine products.

How many treats can I give my pet bird?

It’s very easy to reward your bird with treats during the day, but treats are not a substitute for a healthy balanced diet. Treats should not exceed 20% of your birds total diet.

How important is it to have a variety of toys for my bird?

Companion birds love to play and like activities to keep them busy during the day. This is important to prevent “birdie boredom”. A good assortment of quality toys is suggested and the toys should be changed and rotated often.

How do I know what size cage to get for my pet bird?

Cage size is subjective so there isn’t a perfect answer. The bigger the cage the better, but cost and space may limit your options. Remember that birds need enough width to allow your pet to fully extend its wings for exercise. Large birds with long tails need vertical space while flying birds like finches and canaries need horizontal space for flight. Check with your local pet store for recommendations once you select your pet bird.