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CritterTrail Treat Zone Accessory

Interactive Treat Dispenser for your pet (treats not included).  Provides a fun and easy way to give your pet a treat. Easily attaches to any Critter Trail Habitat.  Fill with treats, press the top release button, listen for the treat time bell, watch the treat circle around and around before reaching the bottom.  Make treat time fun for you and your pet. Pull-Apart Design allows for easy separation of parts to facilitate thorough cleaning.  Treat Dispenser is 21.75"L and the top globe is 4.5" diameter.
  • Treat-Time Bell alerts your small animal that a treat is on the way. Your pet will hear the bell and learn that a treat is on the way.
  • Large treat release button begins the action, the bell rings and the treat travels down the spiral track and final exits the dispenser.
  • Secure design prevents small animals from crawling into the dispenser tube and pull-apart design allows for easy separation of parts to facilitate thorough cleaning.
  • Universally connectable dispenser for Critter Trail will also adapt to Habitrail and S.A.M. systems.
  • Use Kaytee Fiesta Treat Zone Crunch, the ideal treat is perfectly sized for use in any Super Pet Treat Zone Product.  Sold separately


Item Number: 100502842
UPC: 045125605457

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