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CritterTrail Loop-d-Loop Accessory Kit

The CritterTrail Loop-d-Loop Accessory Expansion Kit offers a great way to expand your pet's living space to create the ultimate habitat.  The multi puropose Loop-d-Loop is designed to be a safe nesting area for curious critters and promotes exploration, exercise and healthy habits. Bubble Wave Fun-nels design features a comfort grip that is safe for your pet's paws.  Removeable top cover for easy access and trouble-free cleaning.  Loop-d-Loop is 7.5" diameter.  Ideal for your pet hamster, mouse, or gerbil.  Universally connectable to all CritterTrail, Habitrail and S.A.M. systems.  Kit includes the following Fun-nels and accessories:
  • Loop-d-Loop Accessory
  • J-Tube
  • U-Turn
  • Tee Tube
  • Bubble Plug
  • 2 ea. Elbows
  • 3 ea. 3.5" Tubes
  • 9 ea. Connector Rings

This item was formerly know as CritterTrail Accessory Expansion Kit 2

Item Number: 100079224
UPC: 045125605525

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