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EZ Care Playtop Cage for Large Birds

EZ Care Playtop Cage for Large Birds is a superior choice for Macaws, Toucans, Cockatoos, and other large sized companion birds.  Featuring the EZ Care Access Door for EZ Cleaning.  Interior features a natural shaved wood perch and 3 ceramic crocks with built-in safety guards.  Premium non-toxic powder coating for durable and safe zinc-free finish.  Designed for EZ assembly and transport.  Actual size is 48" long, 39.75" wide and 90" high with scatter guard (39.25" long, 30.75" wide and 90" high without the scatter guard).   Safe 1" bar spacing.  Interior living space is 37.75" long, 29" wide, 49" high.      

Item Number: 100079577
UPC: 045125803303
80330 Playtop Lg