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EZ Start Cockatiel Cage, Medium

EZ Start Cages are a Super Pet Value Series of bird cages.  Ideal for "Beginner" bird enthusiasts.  Each cage features a rigid plastic base with pull-out tray, and wire grate, plus powder coated white or black wire cage with 3/4" wire spacing.  Each cage in the multi-pack comes complete with 2 cups and 2 wooden perches.    Ideal for parakeets and cockatiels.  The two pack of cages come with 2 assorted color bases.  Pack includes 1 white wire cages and 1 black wire cages with flat top shape.  Actual size is 16" long, 16" wide, and 23" high.    Easy assembly required.

Item Number: 100079881
UPC: 045125800593
80059 Group Tiel