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Forage Friends Toy, Medium

It's time to introduce your pet bird to some new friends...

Super Pet's Forage Friends Toys feature a variety of textures and materials to mentally and physically stimulate your bird and prevent unwanted behavior due to "birdie boredom." These fun toys are made with a variety of loofah, paper, and sisal materials and are designed to provide your pet with hours of healthy activity. Simply hang these funny looking toys in your bird's cage and watch as he/she plays with them. All toys are vegetable dyed and completely safe for animals. Comes in elephant, dog, bird and frog.

Availabe in small, medium and large sizes.

Medium size is ideal for African Greys, Conures and other medium companion birds.

Item Number: 100504790
UPC: 045125820423

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82042 Forage Friends Medium Frog