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Grassy Mat

Grassy Mat is a cozy critter carpet that's comfy for pets' feet. Grassy Mat is a natural grass floor covering that is a perfect spot for critters to curl up and rest, and offers protection for small animal claws in cages with wire bottoms. Made of natural sisal fibers, Grassy Mat is safe for your pets to graze and chew upon. Grassy Mat also perfectly fits Super Pet Comfort Shelves! Grassy Mat is an ideal cage floor covering for rabbits, ferrets, guiniea pigs, pet rats, chinchillas, and other critters.
  • Made of natural sisal material and is completely safe for animals
  • Protects small animal claws from wire bottom cages
  • 8.75" long, 10.5"wide

Item Number: 100079160
UPC: 045125603927
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