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Habitat Defined Enrichment Pod - Peanut Pinball

Your bird will simply go 'nuts' for this pod! Enrichment Pods are the perfect solution for "Birdie Boredom!" These compact, customized and refillable pods are perfectly sized for use with cockatiels, parakeets and other small companion birds. The Peanut Pinball Pod challenges your bird's instincts by encouraging healthy activity and exploration.

  • Peanut Pinball Pod reduces boredom induced bad behavior by providing the mental stimulation birds need
  • Use your birds favorite toys or treats for added enjoyment
  • Connects directly to the Habitat Defined Bird Cages or most traditional wire cages
  • A fun and effortless way to interact and bond with your pet bird

To Get Started:
  1. Hang the pod on your bird's cage.
  2. Watch your bird  pull on one of the toy P-nuts.*
  3. Use the incorporated treat tunnel to reward your bird with a favorite treat!
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 each time your bird successfully completes the desired behavior.
*During initial introduction, it may be necessary to show yoru bird the desired behavior by demonstrating the action. Repetition is key!

Try filling your Peek-N-Pull with Kaytee Fiesta® Krunch-A-Rounds™, Fiesta® Healthy Toppings™ or Fiesta® Yogurt Dipped Treats!

Item Number: 100504160
UPC: 045125806687
80668 400 X 400