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Habitat Defined Enrichment Pod - Peek-N-Pull

Take a Peek!! Enrichment Pods are the perfect solution for "Birdie Boredom!" These compact, customized and refillable pods are perfectly sized for use with cockatiels, parakeets and other small companion birds. The Peek-N-Pull Pod challenges your bird's instincts by encouraging healthy activity and exploration.
  • Peek-N-Pull reduces boredom induced bad behavior by providing the mental stimulation birds need
  • Use your birds favorite toys or treats for added enjoyment
  • Connects directly to the Habitat Defined Bird Cages or most traditional wire cages
  • A fun and effortless way to interact and bond with your pet bird

To Get Started:
  1. Hang the pod on your bird's cage.
  2. Fill the Peek-N-Pull compartments with small toys, treats or your bird's favorite fruit.*
  3. Sit back and watch your bird explore!
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 each time your bird successfully empties a drawer.

*During initial introduction, it may be necessary to show your bird the desired behavior by demostrating the action. Repetition is the key!

Note: To avoid illness and/or contamination, we recommend removing all moist foods, fruit and vegetables immediately following each play section.

Try filling your Peek-N-Pull with Kaytee Fiesta® Krunch-A-Rounds™, Fiesta® Healthy Toppings™ or Fiesta® Yogurt Dipped Treats!

Item Number: 100504158
UPC: 045125806465
80646 400 X 400