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Habitat Defined Enrichment Pod - Perch 3-Pack

Sturdy plastic perch is a great complement to any of our Enrichment Pods. The perch fits around any of our Enrichment Pods to give your bird a convenient resting spot to enjoy the activity provided by each Pod. You can also use these anywhere in the habitat for perching. Three Pack so you can stock up and have enough perches for all of your Pods.
  • Universal design easily attaches to the Habitat Defined Bird Cages and most other wire cages to provide a fun and effortless way to interact with your pet bird.
  • Designed to work with the Enrichment Pods. The perch fits around the pod to provide a perch for activity and exploration.
  • Ideally suited for parakeets, cockatiels and other small companion birdes.
  • Multi pack provides many perching locations in your bird habitat. You may want one for each of the Enrichment Pods that you have.
  • U-shaped perch is 1/2" diameter. Extends out 4" to 4 1/2" from the wire wall.

Item Number: 100502853
UPC: 045125806823

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