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Habitat Defined Enrichment Pod- Gravity Waterer

These compact, customized and refillable pods are perfectly sized for use with cockatiels, parakeets and other small companion birds. The Gravity Waterer supplies birds with a source of water in convenient and space saving way.

  • Gravity Waterer Pod provides birds with a necessary source of water
  • Easy to fill and clean
  • Connects directly to the Habitat Defined Bird Cages or most traditional wire cages
  • A fun and effortless way to interact and bond with your pet bird

To Get Started:

  1. Fill clear container daily (or as often as needed) with fresh water or healthy juice.
  2. Hang pod on your bird cage in a desired location.*
  3. Monitor liquid level multiple times daily to ensure continuous availability.
  4. Repeat steps 1 and 3 each time your bird successfully empties the contents of the Gravity Waterer Pod.
*During initial introduction, it may be necessary to show your bird the desired behavior by demonstrating the action. Repitition is key!

Note: If using the Gravity Waterer as a primary water source, it is important to place the pod near a perch to provide your bird with easy access to the water.

Item Number: 100504157
UPC: 045125806281
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