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Habitat Defined Ferret Funnel Home, 4 Level

Simply the best habitat for ferrets. Spacious homes has 4 levels of living space so there is plenty of room to roam. A full 18.6 cu. ft of living space. Deep base with rounded corners ensures effortless cleaning. Spring loaded door locks and 1" wire spacing keeps your pet secure. Bubble Wave Fun-nel tubes add a new dimension to encourage exploration and activity in and around the habitat.  Habitat includes 3 Extra Fun Wavy Ramps, 3 Elite Comfort Shelves, a No-Flip food dish, hammock, and mobile stand with locking casters.

Habitat Measures 43.5"L x 18.5"W x 40"H ( 49"H with stand).
  • SUPER PROTECT Antimicrobial Technology is built into all plastic interior surfaces providing a healthier, cleaner habitat for your pet
  • Full opening top door and front doors have convenient heavy duty spring loaded door locks for security
  • The strong plastic material ensures security inside the home while the sturdy wire portion provides plenty of airflow within the habitat
  • Safe and secure Bubble Wave Fun-nel tubes allow your ferret to climb in and around the home. Ferrets will instinctually explore the tube passages.
  • Extra deep base with unique rounded corner design ensures an effortless cleaning experience- no corners to trap mess

Item Number: 100502840
UPC: 045125592566

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