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Hay & Treat Dispenser

The Combo Hay & Treat Dispenser is a fun and challenging way to provide your pet with some much needed hay, and some well deserved treats! The ball shaped dispenser holds hay and also comes with multiple hole for placing treats. The decorative carrots slide over the holes to keep the treats safely inside, and open to allow your pet to access the treat.  The dispenser is designed to provide your pet with a fresh source of hay, while keeping him/her engaged in the search for treats.

Ideal for Rabbits, Guinea Pigs and other small animals.
  • Holds Both Hay and Treats
  • Can Be Attached to Cage Wire or Stand Alone in Cage
  • Fun Carrot Decorations Slide to Keep Treats In, or Let Treats Out

Item Number: 100506056
UPC: 04512561918
Hay NTrt Disp PD