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Litter Pan Training Kit, Ferret

Litter Pan Training Kits are the perfect way to start litter training rabbits or ferrets. Everything needed to take advantage of a rabbit or ferrets natural instinct to eliminate in one specific area is included. Litter Pan Training Kits come complete with a Hi-Corner Litter Pan, Corner Litter Scoop, and a 1 lb. trial size of Super Pet's Critter Litter. Litter Pan Training Kits are available in assorted colors. Best of all, Litter Pan Training Kits even come with training instructions on how to potty train your small animal!
  • Available in assorted colors
  • For ferrets, rabbits and other small animals
  • 9.75" long, 13.75" wide, 6.5" high

Item Number: 100079607
UPC: 045125961423

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