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Run-About Hamtrac

Consisting of eight sections of connectable track, the 4' x 2' assembled Hamtrac provides a safe and controlled exercise environment for small animals.  Hamtrac was designed to be compatible with Super Pet's 5 Inch, 7 Inch, and 11.5 Inch Run-About Balls and Super Pet’s new critter powered Critter Cruiser car. Hamtrac's unique design keeps Run-About Balls rolling and Critter Cruisers gliding along safely on the radius of the track.  Hamtrac also creates interactive fun between the pet and the pet owner! For added fun, connect multiple sets of Hamtrac and build the ultimate exercise raceway for your pet.
  • Race track design keeps Run-About Balls and Critter Cruiser and carriage on track
  • Encourage healthy exercise for your small animals
  • Connect all 8 sections to create a 4 foot by 2 foot track for your pet
  • Compatatble with all three sizes of Run-About Balls

Item Number: 100079357
UPC: 045125613704

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61370 Pk Hamtrac

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