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Universal Water Bottle, 8 oz.

The amazing water bottle foe every need.  The Universal Water Bottle provides a continuous supply of water without messy spills or splashes.   Works in 3 ways:  fits into the top of Keep-A-Critter habitats, fits in the top of all CritterTrail homes, or can hang from the top of any wire cage.  Bottle is 6" long and 2" diameter with an 8 oz. capacity (8" long with sipper tube attached).

  • Leak resistant spring loaded sipper tube
  • Unbreakable plastic bottle
  • Sliding O-ring to adjust bottle to the perfect height
  • Free hanger for use with wire cages
  • Universally fits all CritterTrail Homes plus Habitrail, S.A.M., and Play City Homes.


Item Number: 100079419
UPC: 045125619492

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61494 Universal Water Bottle