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Title Image: Small Animals

Small Animals make excellent pets and companions for people of all ages. They entertain us for hours, surprise us with their intelligence and connect us with nature.
Image: Family with Small Animal
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Caring for your new family member is easy once you know how. Start with the right Small Animal habitat. Try our Critter-Trail or Habitat Defined Homes for added safety and comfort. Be sure to select nutritious small animal food to keep your new pet energized and healthy.

Which pet is best for you? Use the Super Pet Pet Selector to help see which small animal pet might be right for you and your family. Once you have your selection please read through our Choosing The Right Small Animal section to learn more about small animals. Doing research before you buy or adopt your new pet will help you make a great fit when your new family member comes home.

Title Image: Small Animals

Title Image: Animal Highlight

Think your pet has what it takes to be Super Pet's Pet of the Month?

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Submit a photo of your pet to along with a fun fact or story about your pet and why it deserves to be Pet of the Month.  One pet will be chosen each month and featured in Super Pet's Monthly Newsletter. All winners will receive a Super Pet Prize Package suitable for your pet bird or small animal.