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Experience the thrill-a of owning a chinchilla!

Sure, they may have strange cleaning habits (a dust bath?!), but Chinchillas are one of the best pets anyone could ever want! Nearly every day they take a dust bath (no water, please) to keep their dense fur clean and soft. Once you know how to care for these exotic critters, it's simple.

Chinchillas have very dense and extra-soft fur that helps keep them warm in cold weather and cool in hot weather. Originally from the Andes Mountains, they enjoy a cooler environment. The South American Chincha tribe were known for wearing the chinchillas soft and dense fur for warmth. The Chincha natives also kept them as pets and the name chinchilla translates to "Little Chincha".

Chinchillas are more active at night than during the day, and they may even greet you in the morning with chirps and squeaks. You can teach a Chinchilla tricks, and they may even learn to recognize their own name. When you get to know one as a "kit" (a baby Chinchilla), it will grow up with love for you and your gentle touch.

Chinchillas enjoy extra space in their cages, and they like to jump on ledges. Plus, they'll give an exercise wheel a real workout! Chinchillas can't sweat! So, they must be kept in a cool space with plenty of air ventilation.

Feed them well. A high-quality, hay-based pellet and loose hay make a good diet along with some fruits and vegetables. Because Chinchillas' teeth never stop growing, it's also nice to give them plenty of chew toys to keep their teeth trim.

Chinchilla are available in any number of colors: white, black, bluish gray (the only color found in nature), beige, and many others. There are three types of domestic Chinchillas: Chinchilla Brevicaudata, Chinchilla Costina, and Chinchilla Langigera.

Chinchillas weigh between one and two pounds, and are 9 to 10 inches long (plus a 6-inch tail). They live from 10 to 15 years so they are a good long term pets. Perfect for owners aged 14 and up.

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