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We dig Gerbils! Do you?

The amazing Gerbil keeps life exciting! They're silly, cute, and with the right care and gentle handling, they'll become tame and friendly.

Great first pets, Gerbils are easy to care for and need just a little love each day. Their hearing is so good they can hear the beating of an owl's wings. Gerbils' feet have fur on the bottom that protects them from burning on the hot desert sand and prevents them from sinking in the sand. They love taking sand baths-they roll around in sand, and their fur gets shiny and smooth.

Gerbils love to explore and build. So, in a Gerbil's cage, supply digging material, such as paper-based items or cardboard (toilet paper tubes or brown paper bags). They'll chew the paper into small bits and then, they'll tunnel through it!. Even young Gerbils ("pups") like to dig, or burrow, so you can play hide-n-seek. Since the teeth of Gerbils never stop growing, they'll like every chew toy you can give them to help keep their teeth trim! Gerbils are easy to care for, try a fortified food made for Rats, Hamsters, and Gerbils plus fruits, vegetables.

Gerbils vary greatly in color. The most common type of pet Gerbil, the Mongolian Gerbil, can come in over 20 different coats. Maybe you've seen a Fat-tailed Gerbil, or duprasi, which is smaller with a long, soft coat and a short, fat tail. In the wild, Gerbils are found in the deserts of Africa, Asia, and China. Gerbils were discovered by Pere David, a famous French explorer and naturalist, who also discovered the giant panda.

Gerbils weigh only between three and five ounces, and are 6 to 8 inches long. They live up to 5 years and are perfect beginner pet for owners aged 8 and up.

Super Pet is passionate about creating exciting, innovative products to help you care for your Gerbil. Enjoy your life with a wonderful pet Gerbil.