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Guinea Pig

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We think guinea pigs are the cutest critters of all!

The adorable squeaks! The warm snuggles! Guinea Pigs are one of the friendliest and fun small animals. A Guinea Pig provides hours of excitement every day and years of love for the entire family. Very friendly animals that greet each other by touching noses, Guinea Pigs require easy, basic care and some of your affection. You may be surprised how smart a Guinea Pig can be, quickly learning sounds and even their own names.

The Guinea Pig is nicknamed a "cavy" because of its scientific name, Cavia porcellus ("little pig"). Not pigs, nor are they from Guinea, Guinea Pigs originated in South America's Andes region (Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia). Traders brought them to Europe to be pets for the upper class, like Queen Elizabeth I. Why are they called "pigs"? We're not sure! But they're shaped a little like pigs, make noises kind of like pigs, and they eat often.

A great Guinea Pig habitat starts with a simple cage. Several Guinea Pigs may be kept in the same cage, if it's large enough. They cannot climb, but they can hop or jump over small obstacles. Food time is fun time for Guinea Pigs. The sound of a bag of food opening or the refrigerator may get them to whistle or squeak because they're so excited! They may even stand up and beg for food. Their idea diet consists of timothy hay, fruits, vegetables and oatmeal. Guinea Pigs cannot manufacture Vitamin C, so they need a daily supplement. Since a Guinea Pig's teeth never stop growing, they like chew toys or other accessories to help keep their teeth trim.

Your cavy could have long, dense fur (like the Coronet) or short hair (like the American). Markings vary, too, from all black (like the Peruvian) to multi-colored (like the Abyssinian) or just a white patch on the head of a brown cavy (like the White Crested Guinea Pig).

Guinea Pigs weigh between one and three pounds, and are 7 to 12 inches long. They live from 5 to 8 years and are perfect beginner pet for owners aged 8 and up.

Super Pet is passionate about creating exciting, innovative products to help you care for your Guinea Pig. Enjoy your life with a wonderful pet Guinea Pig.