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Dutch Patterned Mouse

Mice are energetic and entertaining pets!

One of the most playful and intelligent pets you can own, Mice are never boring. They are so entertaining, you can play with them for hours. Or, sit back and watch them have fun on their own.

Mice are easy to care for and make great beginner pets. They may seem shy at first, but the more you hold them, the more they warm up to you. While Mice don't require a lot of human interaction, they'll really enjoy social time with you. You can even teach a Mouse to do tricks. Mice are active, running up to a quarter mile in just one night! So, provide them with an exercise wheel.

Mice are comfortable within many habitats. Because they love to burrow and hide, you'll find they feel most at-home in a roomy cage with some bedding (hardwood pulp or shredded paper without ink). Their teeth never stop growing, and they love to chew. So, they'll be happy when you give them a chew toy or other accessory to keep their teeth trim. Feeding your Mouse is one of the most fun times. Try a special fortified food and seed-based food made for Rats, Hamsters, and Gerbils along with fruits and vegetables.

Your pet Mouse could be any number of colors: black, white, chocolate, champagne, fawn (bright brown), or tan. Mice are typically patterned either Dutch (white mouse with colored patches over the eyes and solid color from waist to tail), or Broken Marked (multi-colored without a set pattern). Mice have the unique ability to adapt to almost any environment, and over the centuries, has successfully lived among humans.

Mice weigh between a half-ounce and nearly one and a half ounces, and are only 2 to 3 inches long. They live from 1 to 2 years and are perfect beginner pets for owners 8 and up.

Super Pet is passionate about creating exciting, innovative products to help you care for your Mouse. Enjoy your life with a wonderful pet Mouse.