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Everyone loves rabbits because they are loyal, cuddly, and smart!

Rabbits are best friends to millions of people around the world. Of course they are! They're very social and one of the most playful companion pets.

Like many animals, they love attention and are known for forming strong bonds with their owners. Rabbits are naturally timid, but they like to showoff, too! Sometimes, they can put on "shows" for children, hamming it up when they hear laughter. Naturally, Rabbits like to run, so give them a large, safe area in which to exercise.

Lovers by nature, Rabbits often greet each other by pressing their heads together. How cute is that?! A large sized habitat is preferred since they like being around other Rabbits and small animals. So providing a safe and comfy habitat is easy. Like cats, Rabbits even can be potty trained to use a Hi-Corner Litter Pan. That's pretty smart!

Black and White Rabbit

Supply your Rabbit with toys and accessories, like tunnels and balls … then watch him have fun! Feeding Rabbits is easy and gives the two of you a chance to get close. Rabbits are herbivores (they eat only plants), so they like grazing on grass, flowers, fruit, and leafy weeds. Since their teeth never stop growing, they'll love it when you give them chew toys to help keep their teeth trim.

Giant or dwarf, long fur or short fur, lop ears or upright, Rabbits come in all shapes and sizes. Rabbits have long been a symbol of rebirth and have been tied in with Spring and Easter as the Easter Bunny symbol we all know. The Rabbit is also one of the twelve celestial animals for the Chinese calendar and it represents long life. In folklore, a rabbits' foot was thought to bring good luck to those who carried one.

Rabbits can weigh up to 20 pounds, and are 8 to 12 inches long. They live from 6 to 10 years and are perfect for owners aged 14 and up.

Super Pet is passionate about creating exciting, innovative products to help you care for your Rabbit. Enjoy your life with a wonderful pet Rabbit.