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Rats are smart, friendly, and ticklish, too!

Those whiskers! That tail! And the twitching nose! Pet Rats are cute, clean, and lovable animals. Smarter than you might think, Rats can be taught to perform tricks or learn certain behaviors.

Caring for Rats is simple, once you know what they like. Because they bond easily with their owners, it's important to give your pet Rat a lot of attention and handle it as much as possible. If you gently tickle your pet Rat's belly, sometimes it will let out a high-pitched laugh. Rats have energy! They can run two to three miles in one night, so provide them with an exercise wheel.

Rats like all sorts of habitats, but you'll find they really enjoy a roomy cage with some bedding (hardwood pulp or shredded paper without ink). Rats' teeth never stop growing, and they love to chew just about anything. So, they'll be happy when you give them a chew toy or other accessory to help keep their teeth trim. Feeding time can be extra special. You can bond with your little buddy while he enjoys a treat. Try fruits, vegetables, and food made for Mice, Hamsters, and Gerbils. These are usually special fortified diet and seed-based foods.

Most pet Rats are a variant of the species Brown Rat, but some can be Black Rats or Giant Pouched Rats. The ancient Romans appreciated Rats, which were considered to be good luck. Asian cultures respect Rats, too. The Chinese see rats as a symbol of prosperity. And, the Japanese have considered Rats to be messengers of the gods.

Rats weigh between a half-pound and nearly two pounds, and are 7 to 10 inches long (plus an 8-inch tail). They live from 2 to 5 years and are perfect beginner pets for owners aged 8 and up.

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