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Veggie Twist

We all know that every animal needs food to survive, but it is very important to understand exactly what your pet needs, and at often times doesn't need, to remain healthy and happy.

The best way to feed your small animal pet is to place their food directly in a dish inside their home or cage. Food dishes come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors. The size of the dish should directly relate to the size of the animal and it's serving size.

Most plastic dishes work well, but you should note that many small animals, such as chinchillas and rabbits will chew through plastic, and the food dishes may need to be replaced. Ceramic dishes, such as Super Pet's Chew Proof Bowl and Ceramic Line, provide you with a durable dish for long lasting use.

Water is another essential key to your small animal's nutrition. Always be sure to make sure your pet has plenty of water. Water bottles come in a variety of sizes and shapes based on the species of animal. Many bottles are plastic and attach to the side of your pet's cage or home. Bottles also come in glass for durability. Super Pet offers a line of both plastic and glass bottles for various small animal species. Be sure to buy the proper size water bottle for your pet. A water bottle that is too small will run out of water too quickly leaving your pet thirsty. A water bottle that is too big may be too difficult for your critter to get water out of. Most water bottles are designed to cater to specific species of animals for this reason. Room temperature or cool water is often best when refilling your pet's water supply.

All good pets deserve a treat now and then! Small animal treats come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and flavors. Commercial treats can be found in varieties of everything from fruits and vegetables, to seeds, nuts. Many animals enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables or even peanut butter and yogurt! Hay pellets, such as Kaytee Timmy Tots, or yogurt pieces such as Kaytee Yo-dips also make great snacks. Be sure to remember that treats are just treats, and should not be overfed to animals.

While not considered a food, it is important to note that wood and mineral chews are a great way to cater to your small animal's instinct to chew and gnaw.

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