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Small Animal Homes

A comfortable critter is a happy critter! That is why it is important to provide your small animal with a habitat that is safe and comfortable for your pet and convenient for you. It is also important to provide chews, food bowls, water bottles, and toys to keep your pet happy and healthy.

Different species of small animals require different types of home. Hamsters, Mice, Guinea Pigs, and Gerbils enjoy plenty of space and bedding to explore and hide. It is also a good idea to provide these pets with plenty of chews and hideouts.

Rabbits need plenty of room to hop around and exercise. Rabbits can be kept in cages or hutches, and can be kept both indoors or outdoors.

Rats and Chinchillas are known for climbing so they need a taller cage with plenty of shelves or ledges for climbing. Ferrets also like to have levels on which they can jump and sleep.

Find out more by visiting each animal's individual webpage. Search our database by animal species, by product, or by brand.

CritterTrail habitats offer room for your hamster, gerbil or mouse to roam and play. CritterTrail is designed to make your pets feel at home and the translucent plastic offers camouflage that small pets instinctively seek. Many CritterTrail homes feature a Petting Zone on top of the home so you can safely interact with your pet. CritterTrail homes are available in a variety of styles and colors for your unique pet.

Habitat Defined Homes provide plenty of room for your rabbit, ferret, guinea pig or rat to play, eat, and sleep. These premium homes feature a large wire frame that easily clips onto the deep plastic base making assembly and cleaning a snap. All Habitat Defined Homes include SUPER PROTECT™ Antimicrobial Technology for a cleaner, healthier environment for your pet.

Super Pet designs and develops comfortable living environments for small animal pets. If you don't find what you're looking for, contact us so we can help. Enjoy creating the perfect environment for your fuzzy, critter companion!