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My Guinea-pigs ate the Christmas Tree...

From: Havshexan

Description: This may happen if you let the guinea pigs loose on a Christmas tree... Next day there was nothing left but some small peices of wood. The tree in the video is a Scandinavian spruce (picea abies) and it's not poisonous. There are other species of evergreens that are poisonous, like for exemple silver spruce. Don't give any branches to your guinea-pigs, if you aren't sure what they are! Even the spruce in the video contains etheric oils which could be harmful in large quantities. Some of the oils evaporate if you keep the brances a few day's before giving them to the piggies. Sadly, all the cute cavies in the video but one have gone to guinea pig heaven. Now there's only Olga left and she just turned 7 years (beginning of December 2011). Fortunatly she now has 3 new compagnions.

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